Founded in 1990, our club is the most international and busiest Fencing Club in Belgium, the ideal place for the practice of fencing in Brussels South. Our Club offers a range of fencing classes for beginners to advanced fencers, suitable for both children and adults.

Through the values of fencing that are rigor, work and individual development, we offer a quality education and support to the competition.

Damocles Fencing club is a very friendly community composed of members of numerous nationalities. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Damocles Fencing Club in Uccle, Belgium. Founded in 1990.

Fencing Classes

Damocles Fencing Club is recognized by the F.F.C.E.B. and the F.R.B.C.E. (Belgian federations).

We offer our members coaching and training to the 3 weapons of modern fencing: foil, epee and sabre.

The group lessons are taught by our Fencing Master Xavier Boulet. The fencers can also receive individual tuition courses with our Fencing Master on technical and tactical topics for the purpose of recreational fencing or competition.

Our Fencing Master Xavier Boulet, French native, is a former international competitor. He became Fencing Master and he has been teaching fencing for last 20 years in many clubs and countries as France, Canada, Switzerland.


The membership fee per calendar year includes: access to the fencing salle, training and individual lessons with the masters, coaching in competition.

Beginners (children under 9 years old)420€ / yearequipment free hire included for one season
Members500€ / year
Mandatory license45€ / year
Mandatory license for children under 9 years old10€ / year
Discovery package limited to 1 month70€equipment free hire included

The Discovery package, valid for one month and priced at € 70, includes: access to the fencing salle, introductory lessons with the fencing master and fencing equipment.

Family members receive a 10% discount from the second registration.

The license, compulsory for members, costs 45 € / year (10€ for children under 9 years old) and provides insurance coverage.

contact us

The Fencing Salle
Avenue des Églantiers, 21
1180 Uccle
tel +32 2 375 86 57
email info@ce-damocles.be

The Damocles Fencing Club is conveniently located in Uccle , South of Brussels.
Close to many schools: l’Ecole Européenne Uccle, le Lycée Français Jean Monet, le Collège Saint Pierre, Notre Dame des Champs, Ecole Decroly, Athénée royal d’Uccle, ISB (International School of Brussels)…

Direction and transport to the venue:
5 minutes’ walk from the Chaussée de Waterloo and the main public transportation lines:
Stib: lines 92 (Fort Jaco), 43, station Van Bever
TEC : Lines W, 365, station Van Bever
De Lijn: lines 136, 137, station Van Bever
SNCB : railway stations Saint Job, Vivier D’Oie

If you want to drop us a message right now, please feel free to fill in this form: